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B2B Demand Generation & ABM Workshop

 21, May 2019

Portside Centre, Sydney

A majority of B2B organisations struggle to get results from their demand generation investments. One of the biggest reasons for this is a lack of buyer-centric campaigns.

Today's B2B buyer is more sophisticated and more complex that ever, requiring B2B brands to develop programs that connect with the buyer based on their purchase journey . . . it is no small task. 


This is why we have developed the Buyer-Centric Demand Generation and Account Based Marketing (ABM) Workshop.  This in-person/hands-on workshop is designed to be a full-day intensive course that will enable and equip B2B marketers with the knowledge and tools to get more from their demand generation and ABM investments.  

Attendees of the workshop will acquire the following skills: 


· How to develop buyer profiles that provide insight into the buyers role, their journey, their content and channel preferences

· How to align Account Based Marketing with your demand generation strategy

· How to build a content architecture that aligns to the buyers journey

· How to collaborate and align with sales to ensure demand generation success

· How to align demand generation programs with other customer touch points to provide an exceptional customer experience

· How execute a holistic ABM strategy

This workshop is designed for marketing campaign managers, directors of demand generation, content marketing managers and directors and marketing leaders. 


The registration fee for the workshop is $995 AUD.  


Seats are limited so register today! 

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