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What's In A Name

Today marks an exciting day with the launch of VisumCx. Over the last few months we have been strategizing, planning, developing content and working towards the launch of our new company. As we have been doing this work, we have had many who have asked, what’s with the name Visum? (pronounced Viz-um)

Visum is Latin for the word vision. As we prepared for the launch of our company, we knew our focus would be enabling our clients to deliver on customer experience. We also were able to (somewhat) quickly define our service offerings, but in thinking of a name, we wanted to convey what we believed was essential to delivering on the promise of customer experience. That word . . . Vision!

In order to deliver on customer experience, organizations must have a clear and deep vision into their customers. Organizations need to know the behaviors of their customers, how they interact with the brand, they must understand their needs, their buying process, the utilization of product and service. In order to deliver an exceptional customer experience vendors must understand the various roles within their customer base and as well as, set and exceed customer expectations.

It is this vision or better yet Visum, which we seek to bring to our clients. We seek to provide the insights and knowledge they need about their customers to transform the way they market, sell, deliver and support their customers.

What’s in a name? Everything! Because we believe the without crystal clear vision, the path forward will be very hard to follow.

Welcome to VisumCx!

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